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WBO ’20: ICIS Rising Star award goes to Infineum France Engineer

This year ABN Resource was honored to support the inaugural ICIS Rising Stars award, which was awarded on Wednesday to Simon Moizan, Senior Research Engineer at Infineum France, at the 24th ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference. The award is intended to recognize the most promising emerging talent in the base oil and finished… Read More »

Discover the Lubricants Workplace Trends 2020

Often when we talk about the future of work we focus on how things are changing. Together with prestigious industry publication Lubes’N’Greases, we worked on the 2020 Workplace Trends Report to uncover shifting workplace trends and their impact on individuals and organizations within the Lubricants & Additives industry. The report investigates sentiments, concerns, preferences and career-related interests… Read More »

Lubricants Salary Calculator: Are you paid what you are worth?

ABN Resource has teamed up with Lubes’n’Greases to bring you the salary calculator to help you discover how your remuneration compares to the average within the Lubricants & Additives industry. There is no secret that the oil industry is one of the most lucrative, with remuneration continuing to grow year-on-year. However, did you know that… Read More »

The January Roundup

Another month has flown by and (it feels like we say this every month… BUT) things are unbelievably busy at ABN Resource. And as we (survived) come to the end of January, the team has been reflecting on the last month in our HQ. So what happened this month? January in a nutshell It’s been… Read More »

Why December is a great time for your job search?

With the holidays right around the corner, most jobseekers have already decided to put their job hunt on hold till January. Indeed, the hiring dynamic may have been slowing down at this time of the year but December is the perfect time to lay the foundation to stand out in 2020! Here are 5 reasons… Read More »

IMO 2020 explained: What does it mean for the energy industry

As we make our way through the final quarter of 2019, we get ever closer to the IMO’s sulphur emissions reduction policy, which is set to take effect on January the 1st 2020. For us as recruiters in the energy industry, we make it a priority to understand any market changes that impact our customers.… Read More »

Your Competence Transfer Toolkit

In Director James Moorhouse’s previous article about the power of competence transfer in the oil industry, James explained why we should care about competence transfer and why we know it is an effective approach to recruitment. This article continues the theme, this time explaining how to determine whether a candidate has the right transferable skills… Read More »

The power of competence transfer in the oil industry

As we continue to see new reports and discussions on the decline of talent coming into the industry, isn’t it time to take a new approach to recruitment – one in which we consider transferable skills, diversity and better staff retention techniques to drive the industry forward? At this year’s UEIL Annual Congress, ABN Resource… Read More »

Is workplace incivility hurting your employee retention? 

Over 60% of employees intentionally cut down on work efforts after experiencing incivility in the workplace, research from Ted speaker and Professor, Christine Porath, has found. When you think of the financial impact this could have on a business, it’s clear incivility isn’t something to be ignored.   Here are my thoughts on what’s causing this… Read More »


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