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Rising stars in the Pipeline industry: Interview with Jonathan Hardy

As part of our rising stars in Pipeline series, we’re interviewing young professionals within the industry to gain insight into what attracts them to working in Pipeline, and their views on key industry topics. In this interview, we speak to Jonathan Hardy – a 27-year-old Mechanical Engineer at T.D. Williamson – to discuss mentorship, how… Read More »

How blockchain is set impact the midstream & downstream oil industry

Blockchain has continued to rise in popularity over recent years, with an estimated $2.1 billion USD set to be spent on Blockchain solutions by the end of 2018, as many industries prepare to make use of this new technology. From Banking to Agriculture, it’s claimed that Blockchain can bring significant improvements to problematic areas such… Read More »

Avoiding and dealing with workplace conflict

Considering we spend the majority of our lives at work, it’s likely that we’ll run into workplace conflict at some point during our careers. From personality clashes to feeling unfairly treated – there are a multitude of reasons why employees might not get along all the time. Today we wanted to talk you through some… Read More »

UEIL recap:13 insights for dealing with the talent shortage

13 insights for dealing with the talent shortage in the Lubricants industry This year I attended a very well organised, good natured & friendly UEIL Congress in a special setting overlooking the River Danube in Budapest. Under the title of “embracing the future” delegates tackled some key industry hot topics of talent attraction, emobility, digitalisation… Read More »

IMO 2020 explained: What does it mean for the energy industry

As we make our way through the final quarter of 2018, we get ever closer to the IMO’s sulphur emissions reduction policy, which is set to take effect on January the 1st 2020. For us as recruiters in the energy industry, we make it a priority to understand any market changes that impact our customers.… Read More »

Lube magazine feature: attracting talent & succession planning

ABN Resource are pleased to reveal that Director James Moorhouse has been featured in the Lube 147 edition of Lube Magazine, from the UKLA, with an article on talent attraction and succession planning.  You can read the full article below, plus we’d recommend subscribing to read the full magazine issue here, which features an abundance of… Read More »

Attracting & retaining talent: Interview with YPAC’s Tran Mah-Paulson

We interviewed Young Pipeline Association of Canada President, Tran Mah-Paulson, to discuss what attracted him to the Pipeline industry initially, plus his thoughts on what companies can do to appeal to a new younger audience and how they can keep their employees engaged. Firstly, we’d love to know more about your background in Pipeline –… Read More »

A brief history of the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Electric vehicles are set to cause a big impact on the energy industry, bringing both challenges and opportunities for oil companies. We investigated the brief history of EV’s, plus how their rising popularity combined with increasing government pressures on lowering emissions has caused oil firms to take action, to secure their place in the EV… Read More »

Top picks from the International Pipeline Conference 2018

This year’s 12th International Pipeline Conference is set to be one of the best yet, as pipeline industry experts from around the world gather to discuss important industry topics and new developments. Director and Pipeline recruitment specialist James Leigh will be attending the prestigious event, to further grow his network. Ahead of the IPC, James… Read More »