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6 Insights From Our Global Young Pipeline Professionals Survey

If you didn’t catch my presentation at this year’s Pipeline Technology Conference (or if you want a brief recap on insights gathered from both our global survey and the conference itself), then read below for the most intriguing findings around retention and attraction for young pipeliners. You can also download the full white paper at the bottom of this article.

1. Leadership is lacking

Poor leadership was voted as the number one frustration for young pipeline professionals in the industry right now, taking 41.2% of the overall vote. Pipeliners also voted the skills gap and concerns around career longevity as their top 2 biggest fears, which ties into lack of leadership. The industry needs strong leaders in place across teams, who can guide our young professionals by sharing their wealth of experience whilst reassuring them on the future of the market.

2. Bridging the skills gap is still the biggest concern

Our survey results and various sessions at the PTC reinforced the point that the skills gap is still at the forefront of pipeliners minds, and remains a key challenge the industry faces. Formal mentorship programs really can play a part in bridging this gap, as well as allowing our young professionals involvement in senior decision making meetings, in order to gain them exposure to critical thinking. Infact, 50% of respondents agreed that involving young employees in executive meetings would help to better support them in their career development.

3. Recognition is a key motivator

Simple recognition seems to be a much greater motivator than it has been for previous generations, with 59% of respondents voting for ‘more appreciation for the work young pipeliners do’ as a key way to improve retention. Let’s embrace this. If giving credit to young professionals is one of the most effective ways of keeping them engaged in the industry (both in the office and at industry events and conferences) then why not leverage this? To be an attractive career option we have to adapt to changing employee needs.

4. Social media has a greater attraction power than we realise

59% of our survey respondents thought that better use of social media would be the most impactful tactic for attracting new employees into pipeline. It seems that even in this digital era, we’re still not tapping into this online resource fully – one which new and young employees use as an integral part of their daily lives.

We know hiring managers will check out potential employee’s social media accounts during the screening process, but it’s also true vice versa. Young job seekers are also looking at companies social media channels to get a sense for what it’s like to work there and what opportunities are available. Is your pipeline company showcasing this effectively?

5. It’s time to start championing the good  

Our survey also highlighted the need to change public perception of pipelines, with the younger workforce needing to feel good about the industry they’re in. This is backed up by a 2016 study which found that
64% of millennials will not even consider a job opportunity at a company that doesn’t show strong Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

Improving public perceptions of our industry will not only aid in attracting new talent, but also benefits our retention efforts, since young professionals find negative public perception a difficult aspect of working in the industry. Those tricky conversations with family and friends – who only see the negatives in pipeline – brings added stress to young professionals working lives.

Our young pipeliners need us to be braver with our public image and avoid the out of site, out of mind approach we’ve become accustomed to. Let’s start educating. Pipelines provide added wealth to local communities they operate in, the industry has seen huge progress in terms of environmental and emission impact over the last 10 years, not to mention Pipeline’s contribution to medical treatments, electronics and the many other products we use around the world on a daily basis.

6.We’re not promoting the diverse career opportunities

38% of our survey respondents felt the industry does not promote all the career paths available in Pipeline. Many think of the pipeline market as being limited to engineers and scientists – what about promoting the sales, HR and many other disciplines involved in the industry? We need new talent across the board, and greater awareness will surely help with this.

To read the full whitepaper from our global survey and extensive industry interviews, download it here.

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